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Ultimate's Excess Solutions

At Ultimate Electronics we want to help you increase your profitability. All too often excess inventory will absorb your valuable warehouse space, your time and will even prohibit you from increasing your profit margin.

We at Ultimate Electronics know how to handle it! We offer several excess inventory solutions to help move out your excess inventory at the best return for you. We know that no two scenarios are the same, so give us a call and we will work with you one-on-one to determine the correct solution for your excess situation!

With Ultimate Electronics You Have Options

We offer the following excess solutions. If you would like to find out more about any of our excess programs please contact one of our staff at excess@ultimateusa.biz who can help you to determine the right solution for you.



If you would like to potentially receive higher returns on your inventory but just don't have the contacts to sell it yourself, let Ultimate Electronics sell it on consignment for you!

Ultimate Electronics will house your excess inventory in our warehouse and sell it through our global resources. Not only is consignment likely to bring you a great return on your investment but you will also be able to do so with very little effort on your part. If time is not a factor for you, selling on consignment could be the answer you've been looking for.

Ultimate Electronics will arrange for pick up and delivery of your product to our warehouse.

Ultimate Electronics will handle all sales of your excess inventory from our warehouse.

Ultimate Electronics will arrange for delivery of your product to the final purchaser.

Ultimate Electronics will provide to you accurate accounting reports of your inventory in our warehouse.

Ultimate Electronics will send you a percentage of the sales per our generous consignment programs.

Lot Buy

With our Lot Buy program Ultimate Electronics allows you to increase your cash flow for new growth and opportunity! There is no reason to have your capital locked up in excess that may or may not be sold at a later point. Especially when Ultimate Electronics is able to make that capital available to you right now.

Our Lot Buy program can reduce your excess in entire lots! Don't bother selling things off bit by bit, we'll make you an offer on the whole lot and get it off your shelves NOW. With Ultimate's Lot Buy option you can have it all handled in short order and little stress.

Line Buy

If you would prefer to maintain complete control over each item in your excess inventory we can help you with this as well.

By selling your excess to Ultimate Electronics by line item, you are able to sell only the items that are in demand right now and hold off on the items that you may be able to get a better price for at a future date.

This is an option that may be the most profitable for you in the long run, however, it comes with its downsides: you will be responsible for the shipping of your line items to us and it may take longer to reduce your excess than if you were to sell the entire lot or sell to us on consignment.

Just send us a description of what you have and we will make you an offer.


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